Definition of a Great Mind (Genius)

A Great Mind or Genius {noun}


Genius, Big thinker, Intellect, Mastermind


  1. A ‘great mind’ or ‘genius’ is an individual who serves humanity by harnessing his or her talents to propel scientific discovery, thus driving human development and improving life everywhere while serving as a role model.
  2. The meaning of a genius according to the Collins English Dictionary: A genius is a highly talented, creative, or intelligent person.
  3. The comprehensive meaning of the term genius: A person who exhibits unique intellectual capacity, creative ability to produce original ideas and ground-breaking discoveries in any of the different disciplines of knowledge and sciences.
  4. A genius is also an action-oriented person; thus, he/she is driven by the determination to keep identifying new methods, innovating, and creating tangible solutions for the collective challenges that hinder human development.
  5. Geniuses possess the power to inspire others, serving as role models through their contributions to humanity and their communities.

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