Specialists Committee Meeting

During a two-day meeting, the Great Arab Minds committee members gathered as a jury for the first time, engaging in extensive discussions about the candidates and their profiles.

The committee has been primarily tasked with evaluating nominations across six categories, including natural sciences, architecture and design, engineering and technology, economics, literature and arts, and medicine.

The ultimate goal is to identify and empower exceptional Arab talents in the region, unlocking their full potential. To support and nurture these innovative individuals, the initiative has allocated a significant budget of AED 100 million, providing substantial funding to offer ample opportunities for success, creativity, and achievement in their respective countries.

Moving forward, the nominated candidates will undergo interviews, after which the committee will carefully select the final contestants based on specific criteria.

The core mission of the Great Arab Minds initiative is to address the growing issue of brain drain in the Arab region by actively encouraging talented individuals to remain in their home countries and utilize the available resources to their fullest extent.

By serving as a catalyst for change and a driving force for innovation and excellence in the Arab world, the initiative aims to recognize and empower Arab thought leaders, scholars, and scientists.

Moreover, it provides them with the necessary resources to transform their ideas into tangible breakthroughs and solutions while fostering a network of collaboration and cohesion among Arab scientists and thinkers.

Through a team-oriented approach and strategic partnerships with global entities, the initiative seeks to maximize the positive impact of Arab ideas and work in the region.

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