About Great Arab Minds

Reigniting the Arab Civilizational Drive

The Great Arab Minds initiative is a quest to rekindle the passion of such great minds for achieving leadership in scientific and cultural fields and pushing knowledge-based development forward. It draws inspiration from Arab history to re-establish a sustainable modern-day model of the Arab world’s “Golden Age”,which was the height of the region’s cultural, economic, and scientific advancement.

The vision of the Great Arab Minds initiative is to revive this civilizational drive by empowering innovators and scholars to enrich their legacy and reshape the future through making exceptional contributions.

Brilliant Arab minds continue make to advancements and discoveries around the world, withup-and-coming great minds often seeking opportunities to incubate their work outside of the Arab region. Therefore, the initiative serves as a knowledge and intellectual powerhouse that embodies the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to usher in a ‘brain regain’ in the Arab world and retain such treasures, by recognising them and empowering them to become role models for Arab talent to come.

Arab scientists emerged in the darkest periods of history as an illuminating torch that contributed to developing human civilization and knowledge.

  1. Two-thirds of the stars’ names in astronomy have Arabic origins.
  2. The field of algebra is of Arab origin
  3. Algorithms were first written in Arabic
  4. The science of optics originated on Arab lands
  5. The fields of medicine, philosophy, pharmacy, astronomy, among others flourished due to the contributions of great Arab minds

About Great Arab Minds

The Great Arab Minds will, over a 5-year period, reward scientists, thought leaders, scholars, and innovators across 6 fields:

  • Natural Sciences (Physics and Chemistry)
  • Medicine
  • Literature and Arts
  • Economics
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Architecture & Design

The initiative will identify and acknowledge the work of great Arab Minds who put through lifelong achievements in service of humanity.
In addition, the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Great Arab Minds will be awarded to one awardee from each of the six award categories, who will receive 1 million AED to fund their research and projects in the Arab World, further building on their capability to amplify their impact on the Arab world.

Main Objectives


Facilitating the recognition of Arab thought leaders, scholars, scientists, geniuses in the fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Medicine, Architecture & Design, Economics and Literature & Arts


Establishing a platform for innovation to transform ideas to real-life breakthroughs and solutions.


Countering the effects and costs of the brain drain seen across the Arab world by creating promising opportunities to attract and retain Arab talent


Empowering cluster of Arab scientists and thinkers to serve as role models for future Arab generations


Building a network of Arab thinkers, scientists, and exceptional talents to work as one team to drive the Arab world’s intellectual renaissance


Encouraging Arabs to publish scientific research and work on innovations and inventions in various fields.


Promoting and accelerating the growth of the knowledge-based economy in the Arab world


Maximizing the impact of Great Arab Minds, their scientific contributions, and their projects on Arab societies.

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