Great Arab Minds Brand

Great Arab Minds Brand

The brand concept is inspired by the major intellectual achievements of the Arab world throughout history. It highlights the significant contributions of Arab civilization to global knowledge and its central role in science, commerce, and cultural exchange. As a symbol of human progress, this initiative aims to empower Arab society, revitalize its historical legacy, and guide the Arab nation towards a prosperous future.


The logo portrays the Great Arab Minds Award as a magnetic hub of intellectual activity, drawing notable scholars to honor its continually growing legacy.

Designed to highlight this captivating allure, the visual language brings together exceptional Arab minds from across the globe. The logo lays a sturdy foundation for dynamic outcomes by incorporating various textures.

This conveys the initiative’s mission as a center of knowledge and intellect committed to promoting “Brain Regain” in the Arab world, while also retaining talent locally and positioning them as role models for future Arab generations dedicated to advancing human civilization and knowledge.

Color Palette

The brand’s elegant and contemporary visual identity is anchored in a core color palette of black, beige, and brown. These hues convey a sense of sophistication and modernity to the brand.

A selection of pastel colors is carefully incorporated to infuse dynamism into this refined base. These softer shades breathe life into the overall aesthetic. They are often used as solid backgrounds to complement typography and intricate patterns, thus creating a cohesive visual composition.

Moreover, each brand category features its own color palette, consisting of three distinct shades. This customized approach emphasizes each category’s uniqueness. By seamlessly blending these three colors into dynamic gradients, the brand guarantees distinctiveness and recognizability across its product range.

Visual Language

The visual language for the categories draws inspiration from the oval-shaped graphic elements found in our logo. This design strategy embraces dynamism, enhancing each primary category with a unique visual identity and ensuring easy audience recognition.


Regarding the font choice, we selected the 29LT Zarid Sans, a bilingual typeface embodying a modern and innovative design philosophy. It seamlessly combines Arabic Neo Naskh with a distinct Sans Latin counterpart, resulting in a contemporary, low-contrast font that is versatile and suitable for a wide range of literature and educational publications.

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