Great Arab Minds Trophy

Great Arab Minds Trophy

The award trophy symbolises the resilience and determination of the Arab spirit in contributing significantly to human civilization. The choice of metal for the award’s base signifies strength and solidity.

Silver Metal Base

Serves as the sturdy foundation of the trophy, symbolizing the strength and resilience of the Arab world, represents the enduring spirit of Arab culture, echoing the historical foundations that have withstood the test of time. It is the bedrock of culture, wisdom, and unity, echoing the strength and resilience intrinsic to the heart of Arab heritage.

White Stone Surface

The stone-textured top embodies the purity and creativity of Arab culture tapestry. Its etched surface tells a tale of resilience that have marked the Arab landscape for centuries. Carefully arranged dots symbolize the unity of ideas and individuals, forming a cohesive story of knowledge and innovation, encapsulating Arab creativity with a modern twist.

Ugarith Script “Arab Minds

The trophy features the ancient Ugarith letters, the earliest written alphabet founded by Arabs. Using Ugarith for “Arab Minds” honors the Arab world’s linguistic legacy, connecting past contributions to today’s knowledge.

Modern Minimalistic Design

Reflects a commitment to innovation and progress, echoing the Great Arab Minds Award’s forward-thinking spirit, its clean lines emphasize brilliance and the achievements honored. Blending Arab tradition with innovation, signaling a future of Arab excellence, showcasing the harmony of tradition and innovation propelling the Arab world into a future of success

Blocks and Structures

Together, these three blocks in different shapes and textures create a balanced and cohesive structure, mirroring the synergy of the diverse disciplines celebrated by the award and underlining the collaborative spirit inherent in Arab excellence.

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