The Great Arab Minds Award

The Great Arab Minds Award is a symbol of appreciation of the highest regard, and it is dedicated to Arabs, whose lifelong work has contributed to shaping a better future for humanity. Recipients of the award are bestowed with the global recognition and honor that comes with this prestigious Medal, thereby granting limitless opportunities to the recipient of the Medal as well as having an imperishable impact.

The Great Arab Minds Award represents the Arab world’s highest recognition honoring scientists and thinkers. Each year, the medal will go to six individuals across six categories.

Valued at AED 1 million, the Great Arab Minds Award will bear the name of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a name known for a spectrum of distinctive achievements in the Arab world. Valued at AED1 million, the medal will be used to fund research and projects.

The Great Arab Minds Award design was conceptualized by a group of Arab designers, to epitomize through their creativity its value as a symbol honoring Arab scientists, thinkers, and mind, who helped shape civilization.

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