UAE Launches ‘Great Arab Minds,’ Backing it with $27 Million

UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced the Museum of the Future in Dubai will lead the ‘Great Arab Minds’ initiative.

The goal of the initiative is to seek out distinguished Arab scholars, thinkers, creators and innovators across all fields, sponsor them, build their capacities, and develop their ideas in cooperation with global partners to increase their positive impact on the region.

The five-year initiative seeks to pick out the most important 1,000 Arab brilliant minds in the fields of physics, mathematics, coding, research and economics and support them practically and in their research.

The Ruler of Dubai announced that 100 million Dirhams (27 million dollars) would be allocated to the initiative, with a committee of four Emirati Ministers tasked with developing a system for identifying and supporting exceptional Arab thinkers and talents. He also said that the Museum of the Future would serve as the Great Arab Minds initiative’s headquarters.

In a series of tweets on the 16th anniversary of his accession, Sheikh Mohammed said: “Today we launch a new project to search for 1,000 Great Arab Minds in the fields of physics and mathematics, software and data science, and others. Our goal is to empower them and help them play a positive role in the region.”

“We have built a science museum that meets global standards- Museum of the Future- and we will soon open it, god willing. It will be the administrative and intellectual center of this new Arab scientific movement. Personally, I am betting on science, scientists, and thinkers changing the Arab world’s state of affairs,” he added, before saying: “These great minds will be supported in their research and practice, as they will be linked with the biggest thinkers, scientists, and companies in the world and their ideas will be developed so that their positive impact on the region is strengthened.”

According to the details released Tuesday, Great Arab Minds seeks to launch, under the UAE leadership, the largest movement of its kind in the Arab world to develop an elite of Arab scientists, thinkers, and innovators across key fields, to create a nucleus of a society of knowledge and innovation in the Arab world and provides added value for the scientific and innovative communities around the world.

The massive initiative aims to support the best of the Arab world’s minds and talents, shed light on these extraordinary thinkers, talents and their achievements. It is framed within a long-term vision to maintain the brilliant and innovative youths of the Arab world and make use of their capacities to the greatest extent possible, thereby making the Arab world attractive to these geniuses because it rewards them instead of pushing them to emigrate.


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